Vixen (Paperback), 9780312327309

Vixen (Paperback), 9780312327309

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For the Southeast London police squad, it's rough, tough, dirty business as usual. The Vixen, the most sensuos, crazed female serial killer ever, is masterminding a series of lethal explosions. She is unpredictable, wild, angry--and the cops don't even know she exists.
Meanwhile, Inspector Roberts is helpless to stop the explosions and his subordinates aren't doing much better. Brant is consumed with an even-bigger-than-usual mean streak, and fast-rising Porter Nash finds himself facing serious health problems--everything to do with needles. PC MacDonald is determined to soldier on, whatever the cost, and the career of a new addition to the squad, WPC Andrews, starts spectacularly but with Falls as her mentor she's not expected to last long. At the top, Superintendent Brown is close to a coronary, and arresting the wrong man in a blaze of publicity is only the beginning of his problems.
If the squad survives this incendiary installment in Ken Bruen's blazingly intense series, they'll do so with barely a cop left standing.

EAN 9780312327309
ISBN 0312327307
Binding Paperback
Publisher Minotaur Books
Publication Date 01 Aug 2005
Category Fiction - Mystery/ Detective
Contributors Bruen, Ken (Author )
Number of Pages 208
Language English
Weight 249 grams / 0.6 pounds
Product Dimensions 21.3 x 13.7 x 1.5 cm
8.4 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches
Subjects Fiction
Mystery & Detective - Hard-Boiled (FIC022010)
Mystery fiction
London (England)

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